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Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rates

Credit card companies will try to charge you whatever interest rate they think the market will bear. It’s up to you to get a lower rate and by negotiating directly with the credit card company. Don't forget, these companies need your business and fiercely compete with each other to get your business. One way they can be more competitive is to lower their rates.

Your ability to get a lower rate is dependent on a number of factors:

1. How long you’ve had the card, longer is better.
2. How high the credit limit is, higher is better.
3. The amount owed on the card versus the credit limit, lower is better.
4. What you owe on all your cards, lower is better.
5. If you’ve been late on payment, less or none is best.

With this said, you need to get on the phone with your credit card company
ask for the lower rate.

This is sample script:

"Hi this is__(your name)___ I have a credit card with you but I have received several offers to transfer to another company at a lower rate. If I can’t get a lower rate from __(name of the credit card company)__ I will transfer and cancel the account."

Once you are given a lower rate try this:

"Is this your absolute lowest rate, I believe I will still transfer the balance?"

That’s right, often they have a range of rates and you should press for the LOWEST rate. Don’t be surprised if you get a lower offer. We hope this works for you. However, we would like to now broaden the discussion. Is the rate reduction really going to solve your debt problems? Here is a list of possible Alternatives:

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