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Do's & Don'ts (student Loan Debt)

When working with alternative student loan debt solution providers.


  • Become familiar with all your ALTERNATIVES before making a decision
  • Ask for everything in writing.
  • Make sure you read and understand all before signing anything.
  • Check all fees before you sign on. Fees can vary greatly.
  • Beware of companies that don’t want to talk about fees or that fail to give you straight answers.
  • Get three referrals. Ask to speak to satisfied customers who have used the service

  • Give your Social Security Card number to anyone.
  • Sign anything without reading and fully understanding the agreement.
  • Be frightened or pushed into any decision.
  • Let your debt-problems affect your health - Debt-problems can be temporary and solvable.
  • Make any decision without knowing all your ALTERNATIVES.

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